Not So Rigid Designer

Online weaving software for rigid heddle weavers

Think in terms of pick up, holes, and slots, not shafts, and sketch out designs for your rigid heddle loom much faster than sampling, right in your browser!

A design using 3 pick up sticks to create wavy warp floats in 2 shades of teal, on a white or black background

We offer a low cost basic membership, and a premium membership for those who want a little extra.


$25/year or $5/month

  • Design Pick Up Patterns in your browser
  • Save watermarked images for sharing on social media
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$100/year or $10/month

  • Design Pick Up Patterns in your browser
  • Save images without a watermark
  • Export to WIF for use with other weaving tools
  • Get access to new features first
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A design created in Not So Rigid Designer using 2 heddles, 2 pick up sticks, and color effects, in white and teal

Design with multiple heddles and pick up sticks!​

Not So Rigid Designer lets you make designs with up to 3 heddles and 10 pick up sticks!

This design has 2 heddles - the rows with circles (holes) and squares (slots), and 2 pick up sticks, which let you manipulate the slot threads. The weaving sequence is on the right - put the heddle up when the arrow is up, down when it's down, and neutral when it's a -, and use the pick up stick when it's mentioned.

Get beyond 1 thread in each hole and slot!​

Not So Rigid Designer makes it easy to experiment with different threadings, in combination with pick up, multipe heddles, and color and weave!

Quickly sketch out your ideas in your browser and sample the best ones!

A screenshot of Not So Rigid Designer showing the design interface and a design using some doubled threads, pick up, and multiple colors